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High Cortisol Levels....can anyone help?

I posted on here last week about my current anxiety state/health issues.

I rang my therapist who was really supportive and came out to see me on Wednesday. After discussing everything with her she reassured me that she thinks it is all down to my anxiety. I have weak legs that feel so heavy especially on the top half when i try and walk, also i get numbness and tingling in my left arm and shoulder. I also get back and chest aches/pains which really feels like it is my heart or something. When i stand up my heart races and i get this weird feeling in my throat like my heart is there. I just generally don't feel well and feel very weak and spaced out.

Also i feel much worse after waking up or if i wake during the night...its a horrible feeling that is hard to explain.

My therapist explained everything to me and she said she thinks it is all caused due to high cortisol levels in my blood.

I wondered if anyone else suffers from this and could help me?

I have suffered anxiety for many years now but have never experienced these feelings..its mainly my chest and back that is concerning me and i won't see a doctor due to a big phobia.

I hope people can relate to me and offer some advice.


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Hi.slj. I do not know who your therapist is but a diagnosis such as you have had should only be given by a doctor or a consultant, and then only after many tests. You say it is hard to explain. Not on this site it isn't! We ALL know how you feel. The symptoms you describe are very common in nervous illness, but to reassure you you should see your GP. Perhaps you have already done so and been told it is "only" nerves. It would appear that you have health anxiety. Again, a very common complaint and very treatable. Look up previous posts on this site and you will find many like yourself who are trying to help themselves. The advice given is sound because they have all been where you are now, or most of them, but all do not have health anxiety. Fatigue is one of the most debilitating symptoms of this illness and it all seems worse at night or in the morning. This is because our metabolism is at its lowest at these times. That is the rate at which our body uses energy. (And you have not got a lot of that, have you?). First of all you are NOT alone. Secondly you should see your GP. You are suffering unnecessarily when you could have reassurance from a properly qualified person. Doctors have heard your story thousands of time so do not be afraid to talk to them. You need relief and this could involve medication. Is this too higher price to pay for peace of mind? More sound advice from others to follow I am sure. Try and do your best to bear up (difficult, I know). Blessings. jonathan.


Hi SLJ! You sound a lot like me love, 33 years ago I started with multiple heart attacks , at least 2 or 3 a day...breast cancer...bowel cancer..blindness ( if I shut my eyes I would never see again hmmmm) various organ failures, name it I have had it! and I'm still here with very healthy organs! Not that I'm complaining of course :) . Just goes to show what strong bodies we have. We are all living testimonies ! Much Love x Ella x


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