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emotional and physical pain

Hi everyone.... Why do people have more time and compassion for those experiencing physical pain? when my husband had is hernia op nearly everday day friends and family would either ring or pop round to see him everyone seemed to really care.....Ive now had anxiety for almost 4 months and its the complete opposite i dont want sympathy or attention but just a phone call asking how im feeling would be nice and i havent heard from my best friend in 6 weeks!!! showing your care can really go a long way.... Lisa x

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Hi. lisa. Because they are afraid and do not know how to respond. When you have physical illness it is easy for them to identify and commiserate. Most people are very willing to give an 'organ recital' about their physical worries but mental; oh no!! There is still this stigma about any sort of mental illness. I never regard nervous illness as being in the same category but it is this 'blanket' description which, I believe, causes the problem. It is strange that nervous illness is still regarded as some form of weakness whereas, in truth, the people who suffer are some of the most courageous. Their fear of being like so and so is, to the uneducated, frightening. So they avoid you; they do not know how to respond, how to talk to you. I lost quite a few friends when I was ill, but I gained many more who understood. Don't let this worry you. Education is the only answer and this will take time. Also this is why sufferers feel alone and isolated. I am sure if only non suffers knew what others were going through they would have more compassion, but the truth is they have no idea. How could they? Did you before you were ill? Anyway lisa, WE care so you are not alone and you can come and talk to us whenever you like! Love and best wishes. jonathan.


Tell people how u are feeling, if its not in front of people they don't think about it, I have the same and have to shout about to get the help as we all try to carry on. Don't suffer in silence you are not alone xxxx best wishes thinking of you


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