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do other members hate their bodies?

Iv`e always had the feeling that my body is the worst enemy that I`ll ever have. It has always seemed to want to give me as much grief as it can. Even when I was really young I seemed to get more than my fair share of aches & pains. I was always at the gp`s surgery with some unexplaied ache or another. Iv`e been told by a specialist that Iv`e developed a weakened rectal muscle due to a very prolonged & difficult labour when I was 18, & I also have to see a specialist about impingment syndrome in my shoulder. Both problems are going to be fixed in the new year, but I`m fuming at my body for putting me in this position, mainly by not performing properly in childbirth, I was 18, for god`s sake, it should have been easy, it`s what a woman`s body was designed for after all! Then there`s the fact that I was hopeless at sport of any kind at school, I used to dread sports day because of the humilliation of coming last in every single race. I know that I should be grateful that I wasn`t born with any actual diabilities, but I can`t help but feel that I was at the back of the queue when they were handing out the bodies!

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Hello..... try not to be so hard on yourself.. I myself had a hard difficult and long labor at 21 and i know women are designed for child birth but it dont always go to plan... I know how feel as our bodies can let us down... Lisa X


Hi. I cant comment on childbirth but I will tell you a story about your last paragraph in regard to sports. I used to come last in every race and I had a friend who always came first. He was good at football and cricket and, boy, how I envied him. We went into the Army together and I looked to him to give support because, as new recruits, it was not easy. The first morning on parade the sergeant major called my friend a 'mummies boy' whereupon he burst into tears. My God; I can remember it to this day. Talk about your idol having feet of clay!! The point I am making is that everyone cannot be good at everything, and not being good at some things in no way makes you less of a worthy person than anyone else. When it comes to the test; and you are being tested, who will win out in the end; the 'brave' ones or those who through courage and perseverance (like you) come through a better person. I know who I would put my money on. Love. jonathan.


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