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Sinking very low

Hi this is my thingy lol

Where do I start......... In 2009 my ex wife accused me of attempted rape and I even got put on trial for this and of course got found not guilty!!! Cause I'm not that sort of person. She has said I've touched my older two in the wrong way so I don't het to see them last time I saw my 4 kids was 3rd April 2009 and it kills me each and every day.

I have just stared to see a girl I went to junior school and things are going really great we moved in together in Sept and her ex went to the police and asked about this sarahs law. They have got 2 things in me the attemted rape from my ex and the one about my kids I strongly deny all of these things about me my partners life are now under a child protection plan from social services because of this the police didn't want anything to do with it as they are not convictions I'm not on any register for anything my partners ex is writing to her family about it all and its really getting me down as everyone thinks I'm one if them people my partner had talked to everyone that I know and they have all said the same thing about me I'm a soppy soft git that won't hurt a fly!!!

I just font know what to do anymore where I live most of the people know about me thanks to her ex but dents anything to the police says its not him that's been talking to anyone but its all getting out of hand and getting me lower each day

Sorry for ranting guys

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Hi, Homer

God, I'm so so sorry! I know Sarah's law was supposed to protect children, but it seems you're in a "he said/she said situation". I'm not a lawyer, but i'm surprised the rape allegation was revealed, since you were acquitted - that means, in law, it didn't happen, you're not a rapist, and anyone who says/suggests you are is guilty of libel/slander!

I have two suggestions - first, go the the CAB - they do have access to trained lawyers (free) who would be able to maybe help you through this maze - I really do think you need professional help, children's law is so complicated and lots of people are paranoid about it! So, try the CAB first.

Second, I don't think your ex can stop you seeing your children - you have NOT been convicted of child abuse, you are NOT a sex offender - she just seems to be using these allegations as a weapon. Even if there was a question as to your behaviour towards to your children - I'm NOT saying there is - there is supervised visitation, contact centres, etc, where you could get to see you children on a regular basis.

I think you would find this site helpful - it's for men in a similar situation to yours - go to Families Need Fathers:-

Hope this helps, do keep blogging, it helps to get it out!





Hi Homer.

You need to see a solicitor quickly. If you were cleared of any rape offences you shouldnt havent anything showing on any records by the police, They only have convicted rapists, etc if they got a sentence or were put on sex offenders list.

Rose has given you some excellent advice. You fight for your kids. Do everything they ask, it may seem like you are kissing ass but that will prove just how much you love them. Your ex isnt doing herself any favours stopping you seeing the kids. They will make their own minds up as they get older.

At least peoples close to you are not turning against you with all thats being said. Use that as a boost to help you through this.

Good luck with it all.

Lou xxx


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