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Benign lump

Hi all, as far as my anxiety symptoms go, I've actually been ok (ish) for a few weeks.

Last year I found a lump in my breast and went to the doctor. Doctor referred me to the hospital to see a breast specialist but was confident that it was benign. The specialist did a breast scan and confirmed that the lump was benign and confirmed what the doctor had said. I had the offer to have the lump removed but was told its not completely necessary that I do so, so I didn't bother.

Recently tho, the lump has become quite uncomfortable, especially when I lie on my belly (which is how I sleep). I went back to the doctor n she measured it again, still the same size as last year which I'm assuming is good... although I've checked the cancer website and it says benign lumps can turn cancerous.... my doctor told me she's going to refer me back to the hospital to see if I can get it removed due to the discomfort but this was like 7 weeks ago now and I've heard nothing. I'm worried cuz the cancer website also states that to be sure a lump is definitely benign, I would have a biopsy, which I didnt have.

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I don't have any experience in this but can feel your anxiety and dilemma here. Did the doctor tell you who she was referring you to? I know the appointment system has changed an awful lot and a lot of it is automated now!! But sometimes we slip through the net :( 7 weeks is a long time to wait and you are bound to be worried. Check again with your GP and he should follow it up. When you eventually get your appointment, ring the department to see if there are any cancellations and if so you can get in a bit sooner. Best of Luck to you kjm...hope you hear something soon Love and Hugs to You x Ella x


I can understand your anxiety kjm as i had to have a mammogram a few years ago after finding a lump in my breast, well the dr found it really, i went to see about a lump under my nipple, but he found another lump which i knew nothing about. They can detect cancerous lumps with just the mammogram, there is no need for a biopsy unless they are unsure what the lump is. Mine was just fatty tissue and the lump under my nipple was just a little cyst that they emptied.

By all means to ease your anxiety and put your mind at ease, ask them to remove the lump and because you have not heard from them for 7 weeks, id phone them to make sure you are still on the list to have the lump removed.


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