Cab or coach?what a nightmare travelling!

Hi guys..

After few dark months I m fine on buses..but for xmas because I don t travel by train I have to go by coach.i haven t been on one for nearly two years..I m on anti depressant and I had already CBT but sometimes I find difficult to go asleep or jump out of my bed in the middle of the night cause I m so scared about next Monday.I ll have to get a coach to Heatrow(never been there before..scary!) and from there get another one to my destination another 1 hour..What about I can t breath,what if I m panicking?I will take something with me for comfort but the idea of all this travelling is killing me inside.I could get a cab but it would be to easy..this is a chance for me for some exposure..but at the same time my anxiety is at 9 out of ten!!I feel sad and depressed :-(


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  • Oh Train, take a taxi if you can afford it. It is not the right time to be putting yourself on high alert. Why do we put ourselves through this? it's like a punishment. You are going for a pleasurable time so don't complicate it and spoil it. Try these things another time. Being away from your home is hard enough for you. We always pile the anxiety up instead of taking it down as far as possible. Give yourself a break and a treat and book that cab . Love and Hugs x Ella x

  • Hi Ellabella

    Believe or not I will go by coach...u can call me mad ( well I feel like i m going mad)but I m going,OMG!!I will let u know how it went..I need to try even I m very scared..I will try to be brave..finger

  • Hi Ellabella

    Last night I was terribly low and panicky..Do not want to go..anxiety is driving me mad.One day I m thinking I ll be fine the other I m shacking of fear...Now I don t know what I ll be doing on Monday.Thank you Hun for your support and sorry if my feelings are changing so quickly about this travelling.

    With love

    From Train

  • Train, I have just read your blog and then this..Darling if you really don't want to go then don't go. Simple as. You are torturing yourself with this and that's NOT the aim. You don't have to do it! I am sure nobody would wish these feelings on anybody! You haven't been well for ages and putting yourself through this is the last thing you need. There is still plenty of time to change your mind. Don't feel guilty either...that is the most destructive thing you can do. Everybody else will just get on with it and won't lose any sleep over your decision. If you are still dithering about this I will tell you straight.....Don't go! make your apologies and relax. It was for 1 day and night which is not worth all this upset darling. Do it now,

    Love and Hugs x Ella x

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