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poem by jll 2

The Secret in my Garden

I have a secret garden

I go there when I’m blue

Enchantment lingers there

Flowers of every hue

And beyond the ivy arch

There in the underground

Among the roots of larch

A fairy cave is found

Tiny people live there

With tiny smiling faces

They are still unaware

So quiet are my paces

I creep up on there dancing

I watch them at there play

The pixies laughing, prancing

The fairies sing and sway

It fills my heart with warmth and joy

At such a wondrous sight

To see these wee folk, girl and boy

Would gaze on with delight

The daisies swing there heads in time

To the melodious sound

For an elf is playing beneath the lime

While he watches all around

He plays a pipe of reed

On his head a buttercup

The pansies almost breathe

The columbines look up

The foxgloves let out sighs

The robin sings his song

But then a cat arrives

And everyone is gone

It is so silent now

But as I go away

I feel a glow inside

That will last another day


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