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Hi there

I am new I've suffered from anxiety since April, due to several stressful situations that r now getting better,

Then why am I still feeling anxious about my teeth , been dentist nearly every month since April only to be told everything is fine, any niggle,or if they touch when i speak or slight bleeding when I brush to hard I panic, I just want to be happy again with my husband n two small children x

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ive suffered with anxiety since july,i panick about everything and been reassured with the docs,theres nothing wrong with ur teeth but u just think there is,the feeling is horrible and the panic is,are you on any meds for the anxiety? xx


No as I want to work through it, I am doing Cbt and have had councilling that stopped as she is ill but starts again in jan xx

What are ur worries


i worry about everything,silly little things,when i get a twinge in my head or arms,i think im having a stroke or heart attack,then i start to panic,im going to cbt and chose the same as you i want to do it without meds,i know i can do it,its just going to take time xx


It will and the good days will get more & bad days less, I've been told that some of my anxeity may be to do with when my mum left us I was age 9,32 now same age as she was when she left (she's passed away now) x


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