brilliant day :-)

I was saying the other day how stressed I was over not paying my council tax on time and I've been so stressed about Christmas.I must have a guardian angel out there somewhere after all. was at the bingo and I won big (10630) in total. I've only family and two good friends that know as I don't want everyone to know. I can share it on here as its different then putting it on fb or Twitter. it's cleared all my worry about paying this Bill and that. I know i won't have it till the new year but ay what a brilliant start to next year that will be. the last few years havemy been that good so hopefully next year will be xxxxxxx


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  • Hi donaf. I was just thinking, I am getting a bit short and I wonder if.................Seriously, I am so glad for you. What a relief. At least that is that worry off your mind. You can now have a more relaxed Christmas and I wish you well. Good luck, beacuse that is what you surely have had. Blessings. jonathan.

  • Thank u Jonathan, I'm over the moon and yes I will defo be more relaxed over Christmas and I'm going to surprise my mate when it comes thou. I'm really considering taking her to Vegas to ceasers palace to meet Matt goss ( from bros ) shes always wanted to go and it be good for her 40th birthday as a surprise. She's helped me a lot via my anxiety, and she gets it now but she said its easyer to cope with because she saw me go thou it xx

  • Brilliant.

    Make sure you have some fun with it; treat yourself.

    I'm really pleased for you.x

  • you are so sweet to share it with us, use the money wisely :) xx

  • Brilliant!! so is that a 30 pence on the end or Big?

    whichever, enjoy it!



  • Wonderful Donaf! after all that worry as well. Don't forget the Council Tax LOL xxmuch love xx

  • YAY im so pleased for you....MAKE sure you treat yourself... HAPPY HAPPY Lisa x

  • If any money left take your friend to Vegas,you both would love it and what a lot of memories you both would have,a good friend is worth more than money and you never know what the future holds

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