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I can stop worrying now

After worrying none stop for a few wks which as been making me really anxious I've finally sorted it. I hate being late with bills, and I'm like two mths behide with the council tax, which I've been worrying none stop about. I was to busy getting the kids Xmas pressies to think of paying it which is so unlike me. I kept thinking about how I how I was going to pay it, I've sat here all nite and worked it out and I know it will b paid nxt wk. It's a weight lifted off me, I feel more like me again now. I shud of worked it out last wk and I wudnt of got so worked up about it. Im just feeling good that my minds not running around in circles about it anymore, at least I know what was causing me to wake up panicing in the night xxx

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It's a nightmare isn't it Donaf? I often wonder why I put things off. I think it's so hard to concentrate but once that thing is sorted out it's amazing how much better we feel. Well done! you've done the hard work and tackled the concentration. I think we are way too hard on ourselves but that's us I guess? Much Love xElla x


Its funny it is if we like to have nothing pending for the fear of responsibility, or like a child who fears they will "get into trouble" if a task is not carrried out, or maybe just fear of chaos as we feel the more chaos it is up to us to fix out the mess........We feel we are responsible for everything (world on our shoulders syndrome)........and yet most of it is just magnified because of our mindset. I would wake up with 10 "must do,s for that day (pressure right away) I am now fortunate to believe that one one might have been important......the rest exaggerated.....We are only firstly responsible for ourself because if we are not well then we of no use to those around us........sometimes tommorow is fine....learn from your journey what is really important and what is "space debris"....x


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