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ok so in bed last night, I woke up with bad anxiety. instead of letting it give me negativity and fighting it I lay there and talked to it in my head. I kept saying well its only anxiety, just a feeling. I was just talking to it over and over again, and I then woke up this morning and felt fine. I'm kind of happy that I didn't fight it as it soon went, it's like a milestone xxx

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Well done treat anxiety like that everytime it crops up it is just a feeling and you'll be back in charge again well done good for you all the best mel


yes, well done donaf, you did great, i do the same thing, i think im going mad sometimes, trying to convince my head im ok, talking to myself, and having a two way conversation. anyway, well done again, im so glad it worked for you, dont forget this point in time, you have managed it once and can do it again. best wishes VV x


Well done this is a sign of how well u re learning to manage anxiety or panick attack..for years I woke up in the middle of the night and I always get scared but now doesn't happen that often and when happens I just say to my self it s just a panick attack and I go back to bed..but we'll done u re getting stronger and it's marvellous!!hugs!


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