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Hi to all of you!Six months ago I couldn't t leave my house or stay in bymyself.slowly I started to go out with relatives and after on my own but not more then 10 minutes away.Three months ago I found a job 20 mins away.Scared to leave my house for few days or going two hours away from home for Christmas...getting on the coach to a new place,sitting on the coach,not going home in the evening but sleeping in another house is giving me anxiety..20 days ago I couldn't t sleep just thinking about it...Goethe last two weeks I tried not to think about it..and I feel better..but the time is coming and I start to worry again.I m trying to reassuring myself that I ll be fine,but I m not sure..I m scared to panick that in the middle of nowhere I will crying hysterically on the motorway that I want to go back to my house ...any suggestion???


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  • Hi Train, I know what you mean and at times like this I have to look back at the times I have felt like this before. I have to think about the pleasure I got when I had done something I dreaded doing. See how far you have come! it's just amazing isn't it really?. Well done you! If I stay away from home I take something with me that is familiar. My own pillow...even my bedside clock. It may sound daft but who cares? It brings a little bit of home with you whenever you want it. A bit like a dummy for a baby lol but it works !! trust me love , I've tried it Love and Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi EllaBella I will definitely bring something with me probably more then one bit,lol!Probably my favourite blanket and my favourite Pj..m pretty sure it will work...some days I feel alright about it and some others I m very anxious about it which is really strange..thank u for the advise ..U re a star xxxxxxxxxxxx ;-)

  • You can arrive for a night with 4 suitcases! lol and it doesn't matter! ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I will probably do it!!!lol!!:-) xxxxxxxxxx

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