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Feeling anxious again!

I felt anxious on and off all day, just worser now. I'm trying my best to ignore it but its hard wen its getting to much. Y can't it just leave me alone, I keep saying to it. It's like I'm having a conversation with it in my head. Yes I'm trying to fight it again even thou I know I shudnt. If I let it panic me I will panic my self into a panic attack so I'm trying my best to ignore it. Think the kids have played me up rotten this week, and there's been a lot of shouting between them and there cuz of them playing up. It just don't help. I need to carry on trying to ignore and let it be, its on my mind a lot the anxiety is. I need to clear my mind of it and give it a rest. Then I will feel better. I've been doing so well lately, for wks then out the blue its there again, but it teks time to go altogether. Writing on here helps. Xxx

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I understand how you feel. Sometimes no matter how hard you try you just can't shake the anxiety. The conversations playing in your head only makes things worse.

Hang in there. It sounds like your on the road to recovery as you mentioned you've been doing well lately. Fighting the anxiety will always be an ongoing battle so don't let this one incident ruin the progress you've made.

When you feel the anxiety welling up try to distract yourself. Post or vent on forums like this one. Oftentimes when your done you'll discover the feelings of anxiety have diminished or gone away.

Why do you think I'm on this forum right now ;) trying to not succumb to my own anxiety


My God those " conversations" we have in our head! They could make a film out of them , maybe we should write them into a script! When I am stressed they just flow and flow and flow. Missed my vocation.....! Donaf I am hoping to look back on this time and wonder " how the hell did you get through that?" and the answer of course will be " because I could vent it all on Anx UK" and also with the help of like minded people who have thoughts just like me. All children are getting way too excited now :) my grandchildren came yesterday and left me spinning around the kitchen like a mad woman. My head was dizzy and I felt sick! LOL! Can't wait to see the end of this so called "happy season" Love and Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I'd certainly pay to watch that film Ella!!!!

It was such a relief to find this site and discover I wasn't the only one with this huge monologue going on in her head. Sometimes I wake up and my mind is already half way through a conversation. Such a relief to realize it isn't quite the insanity I thought it was or if it is at least I'm in good company!!!!

It's really helped being able to put things in writing though.

Hope you're having a better day today, Donaf.x


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