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What am I to do?

Hi all again iv been to work I didn't cope very well iv got it in my head that every one is against me and no one seems to want to beleave anything I say I feel sick going to work and I get my self in a big state and then I can't think straight,

I have appointment on the 21st to see someone to help me I hope but even that is very frightening and scarely ..ooo...what the hell is wrong with me people don't understand and I'm not sure I do ? Tx

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Hello Canon,

Its pretty normal im affaid not to understand how you are feeling if you are suffering from anxiety, it takes a very long time to get any form of understanding of the horrid feelings you are getting. you will also believe people are against, or looking at you, but they are not, they are far too busy with their own problems. at this time you must try very hard not to focus on the negative, you have told yourself that you believe you are having some difficulties, and thus have asked for help, this is a great first step, the most imortant thing right now is that you keep that appointment, no avoiding it, you must go. try not to focus on the appointment, it will just make it a bigger problem to get there than it really is. i think just about everyone that has suffered with anxeity at some point has said 'what the hell is wrong with me' you are a normal person that is just having a few difficulties right now, you will get through this, and be much stronger once you have. best wishes Canon, keep checking in, let us know how you are getting on TTFN VV


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