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Anxiety again :-(

I know I shudnt b negative and try and fight it. But this minute in time I'm having anxiety and I am. I'm worser with it wen I'm on my own and I feel like crap. I'm hopeing writing this blog helps me it normally does. Or my positiveness as gone rite at this moment. It trys to mek us feel as if sumthing bad is wrong. That's just it, its making us think it. I haven't been taking my pills everyday I've been missing a lot this month silly me. Plus the stress of Christmas cumming up, and trying to get the kids wat they want and make sure all the bills am paid is hard. That's the stress of Christmas thou. I've usually gone across the road to me mates by now but that's letting it win right? Plus my nan went to hospital Sunday, she had a minor heart attack, she came out last nite and is safe and sound at my moms. Maybe the worry of that as court up with me as well. Xxx

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I think when something frightening like that happens like with your nan it doesn't sink in straight away until a few days later then it hits us and we can't quite put our finger on what has triggered IT again but it's usually a few days later for me! My dad had a heart scare on Sunday and its hit me today although I've been fine for a while. I really hope you feel better soon hun x


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