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Is my anxiety at a normal level or is it a problem?

I can't work out whether the amount of anxiety I am having is normal because I know most people get anxious in different ways.

I often find myself checking over and over again whether I have got things and before I go to sleep I always mentally check where everything in the house is. I get very troubled when I know I have to do something but cannot due to lack of information or the right people are not there, I get very worried if things don't follow a time table or I have things taken from me which I know I won't need but want to keep just in case. I am always rereading, checking and asking other people to do things if I think I might have them wrong...

When I try and ignore or suppress these feelings I get very bad chest pain above my heart, I feel as though I can't breathe and I get agitated. This also happens when I know I am going to be late.

I know it sounds crazy but I really don't know whether everyone feels like that. If it is helpful, I get these attacks every 15-20 minutes during school and every hour at home.

Thank you.

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I think that lots of people feel like that but no not everyone, it does sound as though you could do with having a chat to someone who can help.

Is there someone in your family, parents or someone else you can talk to about how you feel ?

I think as you are still at school you could definitely do with discussing these anxious feelings with an adult you have someone at school, like a head of year or a school nurse that you can speak to?

Are you having a difficult time about something right now that could be making the symptoms worse, it might be an idea to get to the root of why the symptoms are happening at the moment.

It's not easy to sort this by yourself so do try to speak to someone that you feel will listen and tell them exactly what you said here......this kind of anxiety can be helped by counselling and other talking therapies.



Thank you. I think I will talk to someone about it. :)


Hello... I agree with pennylayne you need someone to talk to, perhaps talk to your mum she may have suffered this when she was young... maybe you can see your GP together and remember there are always people on here who you can talk to....Lisa


Thank you, I've never really had the courage to say something...


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