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appointment in the city

I have an appointment in Monument, right in the heart of the city of London on the 4th of next month, & I`m not looking forward to it. I don`t mind wansering around in my local area, but in Monument the streets are frantic & I`m not familiar with the area & I imagine myself getting lost or run over because I`m not used to the traffic flow there. Am I just being silly?

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No you're not being silly at all. I seem to recall that you are a fellow emetophobe? I also find that in busy places I feel anxious, then I feel nauseous, and that fuels the anxiety even further, so it is not silly to feel this way in advance.

Can you prepare yourself in advance by using online tools to research exactly where you are going (e.g. Google Earth/Streetview, or whatever they call it) so you are already familiar in advance without actually having to do a dry-run in person? The better prepared you are in advance, the less likelihood of worrying about traffic etc.

One tip I gained from CBT a while back, is when anticipating anxiety-provoking situations, create a "safe place" in your mind. Practice it in advance, then use it when you are actually in a stressful situation. So, for example, practice in advance imagining yourself in say, a fluffy soft cloud where gentle music is playing, or whatever works for you. When you have done it enough times, you will be able to suddenly think "safe place" to yourself and a mental image of being in your relaxed place will come into your head when you are stressed.

It takes practice but it's worth a try.

All the best X


Hairyfairy , no you are not being silly. I found London very hustle bustle. Everyone rushing around. I havent been since i was a teenager, and found people rude and arrogant. (A long time ago)

I am sure once you are there you will be ok. Its the unknown. Even the likes of us that are not suffering with anxiety would find it a daunting task. Look up where you are going beforehand. Then you have a idea where you need to be. Good luck. x


Hi H/F,

I go up to london couple of times a year, always make sure I have nothing else planned & give myself all day to do what takes me a couple of hours? Find it helps me if I can afford the time to wander,I always take a camera with me. Good Luck


Omg I can relate to u sooooo much!!!Negative thinking(something bad might happen),getting lost,being faraway from home or being in crowded places.!My suggestions are :make a plan and find strategies to your worse scenarios..Example..if u get lost or panick you can use a map;ask somebody;phone somebody;get a cab;drink some water,breathing etc..hope this might help you!


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