Things can get better

Hi guys im new to this site but have suffered with anxiety for 5 yrs since my first child was born i now have 2 children and over the years have found it not to be intense as it was i have learnt to cope and manage it in different ways. When my son was born (very traumatic labour ended up emergency c section under general :-( ) i wouldnt take medication for my depression and anxiety and after a while managed to overcome this by just telling myself i could do it and my son needed me. When i fell pregnant with my daughter i was soooo bad couldnt eat sleep or make sense of anything and was in my mind considering ending the pregnancy (selfish i know) i would never have thought about anything like that ever but at the time i did so glad i didnt though i got through that on my own no meds and when she was born after a couple of weeks i had some more anxiety and decided i needed help and started on citalopram helped for a while then didnt really see the point in taking them came off them and felt alive again i have recently had little bouts of anxiety especially when startung a new job which i lasted 2 days. It is hard but if you try and sray positive try and look forward to something it can get better i am nowhere as bad as i was and its purely fromppsitive thinking and thinking of my children thanx for reading guys xxxxx

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  • Nice post Titch, it does get better eventually I agree!

    With, without meds or other treatments, people have to choose what suits them, and we all have choice, it is just so hard to make one when we are ill. Steve

  • Couldnt agree more it is so hard to make decisions on which way route to go down ive had that dilemma many times, i think the worst thing about this horrible illness is not understanding why you feel like that. Im so glad it has eased for me i know im going to have bad days but i look forward to the good :-D thanx steve xx

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