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The feeling back

I've felt anxious on and off all nite, just about nothing. I've got that horrible feeling in my throat again, where it feels like sumthing is stuck, its the way it starts with my nerves. Im trying to keep really positive about it, and have done I'm just feeling the symptoms coming on and off. I shud stay positive and just do wat I normally do,and let it come. Relax don't fight it, which I think I have been doing tonite abit. Makes me feel better writing about it on here, xxx

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Writing it down does make you feel better . I get the throat symptoms too! to the point where I find it impossible to swallow and have to resort to spitting into a tissue. Disgusting I know, but better than other things I could do. I do laugh about it when I feel ok . This anxiety has a bloody lot to answer to! It's just wonderful when you feel ok again! I hope you didn't feel bad for long xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I think this time of year is really difficult and lots of people with anxiety get symptoms. The throat symptom is unpleasant I know, I get it also a restriction in the throat.

I've had it for a week or so and lots of digestive symptoms too.

It really helps to know we are not alone and so many others know how we feel ......we're all in it together.

Luckily the busy pre Christmas time doesn't last will be sooo quiet in January. Meanwhile try to do extra things that help like listening to chill out music and distracting yourself with things that you like doing ......not things that you SHOULD do.

It will pass but in the meantime take good care. PL


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