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Ok so i was fine last nite and all day except for the last half hour or so ive got the anxiety feeling back. All because I realised I have missed a few anti depresants this wk. If I miss sum I worry incase I feel like I did before the doctor put me on them. I know I shudnt think like that I'm allowing the negative thoughts take ova my positive ones. Missing a few, is not going to make me amxious at all. It's me that's letting myself get anxious. We all have set backs. I'm going to have a nice relaxing candle lit bath with sum relaxing music on, then watch sum Saturday nite tv. Let the anxiety be, and give my mind a rest xxx

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Hi.donaf. "You know you shouldn't think like that". But this is the anxiety state and we all 'think like that!' There are classic symptoms and to worry about medication is quite normal. If I left a tablet behind when going out I would return home even though miles away to get a tablet 'for the journey'. Irrational thinking is only too common with this rotten complaint so do not be too alarmed by your symptoms. Enjoy the relaxing evening and remember what you have just said in your post. You really have the answer there you know. Love. jonathan.


Thanx jonathan, I am staying postive, negativity gets us no where xx


I hope you enjoyed your evening Donaf? I enjoy Saturday night tv, not to have to think or concentrate. Good on you! xxxxxxxxxxxx


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