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How much longer!!!

Hi all, I have been living with depression and anxiety for 10 years now, just in the past 2 years I became agoraphobic too. These last few months have been the hardest yet as I lost my mum in April, she was my rock, my world , my everything. I have been having the thoughts if joining her on the other side but know in my heart that's not wot I want. My mental state is deteriorating by the day, the only thing I get from my gp is upping my meds, no thanku!!! I just need someone to understand the thoughts and feelings. Plz help x

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Hi jada hey sorry your having a low time I'm glad you've decided against harming yourself its not a solution your at a point I reached a couple of yrs ago after a long long period of anxiety depression agoraphobia everything after the sudden loss of my partner 10 yrs ago she was the beat of my heart and when she went she took a big part of me with her but as I say 2 yrs ago I hit the bottom but 2yrs later I'm coming back up and with time you will too and start doing living again you can do small things to start with or like me when I was agoraphobic plunge into shopping at Christmas Eve it was awful to start with but gradually I stopped panicking and did my shopping it was a big deal for me I hadn't been out for a year I didnt make plans I did stuff on the spur of the moment stops me thinking on it for too long and talking myself out of it and gradually I thought about things less and I started saying yes i'le see you next week or i'le go there tomorrow building my life back up I still get downs but they don't last as long I hope you'll pick up soon there's the ladder in front of you take the first step up that will give you the strength to take the next I wish you well i'le keep my eye out for you on here good luck Mel :-)


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