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Not sure what to do

Hi everyone. I have not been on here for a while

I spend a lot of time in my house by myself due to anxiety apart from doing the school run i really want to get out and do things more but dont no where to start. i have a lot of stomach upsets and diarohrra which causes a lot of anxiety. I have been offered the job of a lifetime but scared of accepting due to travelling and lack of confidence i dont want to start a job and then let people down if my anxiety gets in the way eventhough at times i can do travelling and get on with things but then after a while i struggle mostly from the internal worrying and fatigue from anxiety. I really dont no what to do. the longer i isolate myself the worse my anxiety gets. I started my phd at med school but had to stop due to issues out of my control not due to anxiety but part of me misses the feeling i got from going when at times the anxiety completely went away. any advice about improving confidence.

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Hi. samswiv. First of all the stomach upset and diarrhoea are symptoms of anxiety not their cause. Unless it is a physical thing which CAN cause anxiety. I trust you have seen your GP. You are caught up in the old circle of stomach upset-FEAR-stomach upset. Once again. lack of confidence is a symptom of anxiety, and a common one. It follows from our thrashing ourselves mentally until we are devoid of energy, and this is where the lack of confidence comes in.

Our thoughts turn inwards. We become introspective. How many times have you heard people say "well, he/she looks confident". Yes, but is she/he really confident? It does not sound as if you are very old so you have an excellent chance of full recovery. If you start a job you will not let people down because, once started, you will be absorbed in the work and OCCUPATION is the real enemy of anxiety. It is the ANTICIPTION that causes your present upset state. When you eventually do something in nervous illness it usually turns out not to be as bad as we thought. Try not to isolate yourself. At your age it is essential to try and mix with people. I hope this is of some help. Kind regards. jonathan.


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