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keep hoping,keep going, don't let it beat you

MEH. thats how im feeling. its the usual thing...tense head/brain, dry mouth, funny lumpy

feeling in my throat like I want to cry, funny sore tense stomach, generally having to

concentrate on thinking normal thoughts and doing normal things to keep myself going.....

I know it'll go away, I know I'll feel better soon.. but I just fancied a moan at how CRAPPY

anxiety can be sometimes!!I wish I could punch it and kick it and make it disappear

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Know how you feel, just started a new job and three weeks in the anxiety has started to creep in. I'm determined not to let it get to me and so far have managed to contain it pretty well and not let it ruin my personal time. I'm learning to except that in my field of work I'm bound to get stressed sometimes, but the key is to keep it at a controllable level. Lets kick some anxiety ass. Good luck!


Hi. The magic word just used is ACCEPT. anxious _hb is right, she/he is accepting that her/his work is stressful and therefore goes with it there without getting too upset by "IT" and not allowing "IT" to spoil their 'personal time'. It is only a small word but one of the most difficult to do. ACCEPT. ALL the symptoms you describe, Spanna9, are classic anxiety symptoms even though you feel that all hell has broken out. Have a good old moan. It can do you good. Especially on this site where we ALL understand. Come back soon and let us know how you get on. Very best wishes. jonathan.


Thanks so much Jonathan x I'll keep you posted!


Here here!!! I have been medicated, counseled and educated. I have many 'tools' in my coping box yet this nasty GAD keeps sneaking up and getting me!

That feeling in your tummy is horrid, like you have been punched and it simply won't go away, it makes me queasy and very very cross.

I know its not my fault, I know I have to accept, that pain leads ultimately to healing and growth. but sod that! It hurts, its annoying and pisses me off!!!

Rant over! Thanks for sharing your rant with us, it was nice to join in!

Thank u!


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