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Got the negative voice to go away for awhile

Been struggling this week with the negative voice saying walk away from my partner.......................thank goodness for the time being i managed to overcome it.

Feeling guilty again for even thinking it. Anxiety on both sides causes so many issues, people just dont realise.

My partner went back to the Doctor yesterday who told him the sleeping a lot is normal. its everything catching up with him. The biggest stress causing him the worry is hopefully coming to a close in the next month or so.

Told my partner he is just a voice on the other end of the phone at the mo, and i dont see him (been 4 weeks). For those suffering from anxiety i sound really "woe is me", but its hard for us caring for a anxiety sufferer. Has he listened i do think so. No plans to see each other but he listened to what i said, and made a effort in his following calls.

I do worry as next week he is staying with his mum for the weekend. Not his choice, but she is staying at his sisters house for a few months. His sister is going away and his Mum wants him there. Like he says he is only doing what he is told. His Mum is poorly and causes him a lot of anxiety. I am not looking forward to how he will be next weekend. Think it may knock it out of him again.................................any advice you know i always welcome to get us through this.

Sorry sound a whinger, but boy its hard work and very emotional. I wont let it beat us, though its having a damn good try. xxxxxxxx

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Hi lou. I'm in a similar situation. My partner is in rehab for alcohol addiction. I'm suffering from stress and anxiety and have just resigned (wrongly) from a job I enjoy. I realise it's time for me to assess what I want and to look after myself. I don't know if I will stay with my partner, but for now he is trying to get better which is good. Your partner sounds like he's making an effort too. He could do without going to his mums, has he no other choice? My mum is poorly 250 miles away, normally I would be up like a shot, but I need some time to myself. Luckily other family members are helping out.

Keep strong and look after yourself

Sue xxx


Sorry to hear you are going through it all. My partner just wants to be by himself. No he doesnt have to go to stay with his mum, as i have said i would do it..............but he feels duty bound to go. Like he says if he doesnt all he gets is grief and with his mum having alzheimers, she can get nasty. He cannot deal with any confrontation.

i hope things get easier for you and you feel a lot better in yourself. xx


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