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Feeling in control

Hello every body iv been popping in everyday to see how we're all doing some better than others I don't know about you but I always used to be the one folks and family came to with troubles I bet many of you were the same before finally the load got too much to carry or your problems became more obvious I feel for all of you when I read your stories and wish I could sit with you and just let you talk tell your problems and help if possible to sort them because I think that's a big part of our problem the feeling of being alone and nobody wants to listen to us for the length of time it takes to tell our story iv been living with anxiety and everything else a long time and I bet like you wish we weren't so sensitive to the ups and downs of life worrying about bills family work the state of the world I'm getting to the point where I have to avoid some problem people because they walk away fresh and I sit and do the worrying for them and iv come to the conclusion I have to think of myself and my well being sometimes or I can't help the people I really care about we can't solve all the worlds problems its too much for one so we must look out for us and ours first the worlds been round long enough without our assistance if we worry about everything we will never feel better good things will happen and bad things will happen love yourself a bit and you'll be able to enjoy your family and friends a bit more. Bit of a waffle I hope you forgive me but I hope you'll all feel more in control and happier with life because your never alone you've found friends on here who take time and they care enough to read and reply to you blogs and questions with the benefits of they'r experience . You all have a good life and leave the worrying alone occasionally all the best. Mel

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Thank you Mel, I know exactly what you mean! it's not a waffle at all....you have put my thoughts into words . LOL maybe that is a waffle........... oh dear I'm getting tied in knots now. I know what you mean though : ) xxxxxxxxxx


Hi Ella know what you mean hope your ok its good to hear from each other you have a good weekend Mel


Hi. Mel. You are absolutely right. Unless we put ourselves in order it is difficult to help others.

BUT. It is obvious from this site that even those who are not healed can immensely help others because others can identify with them and not feel alone. This is so important. Frankly, I was amazed when I came on here how many suffered as I did! Carry on the good work. We all, hopefully, help each other. Love and blessings. jonathan.


Hi Jonathan thanks for the reply the way I feel if we can give support and more importantly advice and help to friends and new sufferers and help them get out of the circle of fear and anxiety which a sufferer understands where sometimes health professionals don't have a clue after all many of them don't think any things wrong that a run round the block won't cure you have my best wishes. Mel


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