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Anyone else find normal illnesses are much worse?

This is a weird one for me, because my anxiety used to be really bad and at that time I never seemed to get ill. But now that my anxiety is a lot better I've been noticing (for the last 6-12 months) that when I get what I'd think of as a mild illness, it's much worse than it used to be.

So right now I have a cold, but it feels more like the flu. Colds to me used to just be sneezing, coughing, runny nose, sore ears etc but nowadays whenever I get a cold I feel completely drained and weak, like when you're coming down with flu.

I find it really annoying because it's difficult to explain to people why I don't want to come out because of a cold (shouldn't stop me from doing anything) and EVERYTHING is making me feel ill so I feel ill all the time. For instance, UTIs, gum infections, even thrush seems to make me feel this kind of general malaise that I never used to experience with these problems. And I always have at least one of those infections.

I know it's all just weakened immune system from stress, but is there anyway for me to strengthen my immune system so I can stop feeling so bad?


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Hi anxiousrecoverer. An explanation is difficult to come by but is it that when you had your anxiety you really had something to think about. Now you feel better you have fastened on to your physical illnesses and are worried about them? Your 'habit' of negative thinking has returned.You have again become sensitised'. You feel drained and weak. Did you not feel this way when you had anxiety? I think you probably did. Now as a matter of interest I had the opposite experience. I went in for a major op. And, boy, was I in a state of anxiety. As soon as I got into hospital it went completely (I am not advocating going into hospital to get relief!!). With the pre-med, the operation and everything else. No problem. Then I came out and, whoopee, all the anxiety started again. The doctor said it was probably that while in the hospital I had no responsibilities; everything was done for me. When I came out I had to face it all again. For once a GP was probably right. This is the only explanation I can offer. I do hope you start to feel better. By the way, I am a man and I had Thrush, in the mouth, which I caught in hospital. (Come out worse than you went in??) Couldn't taste anything for weeks. Ah well. Regards. jonathan.


Hi, I wouldn't say I'm worried about the illnesses per se, but I think you may have hit on a point. I'm very, very impatient to get my energy back and continue with my life, so maybe I'm more aware of my lack of energy than usual and so when I get ill it feels worse? Good point!

Hope you are ok with your anxiety too!


it could just be a poor lifestyle you may be leading ever since a started to exercise eat well sleep more ect i never get ill


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