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How long does this last

How long does this last . Well sometimes not long and sometimes it seems not to want to go away these grey days won't help when I look out the window at grey sky's it's a bad start to the day this time of year SAD pops in seasonal something or other disorder to stay for a bit as if we havnt got enuff to handle but even at this time of year I say roll on next summer hoping it will be better than the last one to cheer myself up but we can find something to cheer us Christmas is coming or get reading about our problem to learn some stuff to help us deal a little better with it or get some music on or deal with something you've been putting off anything rather than looking at the floor we've got to keep showing whose in charge it or us make plans for future we don't have to do them but we might do I hope you all look out and instead of grey sky's they'll be blue and sunny all the best to you. Mel

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Hi Melgil58. "If Winter comes can Spring be far behind?" To quote Shakespeare. You are right. Dismal days do definitely not help depression or anxiety. There are lamps on the market that you sit in front of and they are supposed to emit the sort of radiation the Sun gives us in Summer. I have not tried them but, as they are on a "if they don't work you can return them" basis, then it might be worth a try. Also Christmas can be a rotten time for anxiety sufferers as they do not always feel like joining in the celebrations. They can be called, by those who do not understand, "old misery". You are right, looking at he floor does not help. Hope you feel better. You do seem to have sense of humour which helps. jonathan.


Iv had this too long not to have a sense of humour I try not to be a misery but it can be hard I don't like bringing anybody down with me so I look on the good times as treats some can shake this off for good some of us can't I believe a lot of anxiety stems from uncertaintys in your life so I try to find out what they are and sort them as for what others think of me I am what I am iv met some people I like some I don't when I worked with the great British public I admire people like you and others on this site who come on to share experiences and information which helps and encourages others ways and means we've used to look this in the eye because we can have more good times than bad I wish we'll for us all so keep up your help and encouragement if we get those starting out with the problem to get early help we can help them so they don't have a life blighted by an illness that can be helped and treated the best to you Jonathan keep up the help but look after yourself and yours as well. Mel


You should all try a thing called "Binaural Beats", these computer generated sound files are said to massage your brain and produce all sorts of effects, and are excellent for stress/ depression/ anxiety disorders. A binaural beat is created by playing a different tone in each ear through headphones, and the interference pattern between the slightly differing frequencies creates the illusion of a beat. It's completely safe and scientifically proven - google it!!

If you search the Internet for "binaural beats" you'll quickly find there's a whole industry built on the idea that listening to binaural beats can produce all kinds of desired effects in your brain. It can alter your mood, help you follow a diet or stop smoking, get you pumped up for a competition, calm you down, put you to sleep, enhance your memory, act as an aphrodisiac, cure headaches, and even balance your chakras;-)


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