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Mon Brave!

Hi all. Has it occurred to anyone how brave you all are! I am not being patronising but stating a fact. Most of the blogs on this site are from people who suffer deeply, yet they go on in spite of it. It never ceases to amaze me how the human spirit of COURAGE seems to come through in times of adversity. Most of the blogs are from the heart, and I would say that most of the replies come from those who feel the pain others suffer with this nightmare of an illness. That there is HOPE, great hope, is self evident by we, the fortunate ones, who are coming out of it. "Setbacks" do occur to us all but we have learned to cope with them. It has not been easy. Far from it. To those who still suffer take heart. YOU WILL NOT ALWAYS BE THIS WAY! Keep blogging. It may be an opportune moment to thank the site administrators for their work. When I first entered the dreaded GAD there was no such help available but now there is take full advantage of it. Bless you all and happy landings. jonathan.

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Thank you Jonathan. I totally agree. I am slowly coming out of this, yes I still get bad days but these are few and far between and I am still working towards my goals, despite my fears. So yes there is HOPE.


It's always great to read encouraging blogs on here as well as people sharing their difficulties as it gives hope to those struggling that there is hope!


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