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me again reassurance needed

Hi all

Im so fed up today fed up of feeling rubbish and symptomatic everyday.Fed up of living in fear and being scared to do things.I know im going out now and going in shops for a while but i dont feel like im getting anywhere as im still very anxious.Im feeling im not going to be able to recover cos im constantly anxious and my feelings are just as intense.I know im thinking ahead but i just want to feel normal again everyday is a struggle at the moment all i can think about is how im feeling.When will it get easier?maybe im not keeping my mind stimulated enough when im at home in the day but its hard to think of things to do other than housework and i dont feel as though i would be able to cope going back to work as yet.How do i break this cycle?just want some relief.Also the thoughts aswell i get anxious when i think about what ive got ahead of me i.e going out in the car going to supermarkets etc.My mind has been racing today and this i know is creating more anxiety and tension keeping the cycle going round.Dont feel as though theres any light at the end of tunnel for me

claire x

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Claire, Stop looking at just the negative things and realise this anxiety Monster has many heads, you are only adding fuel to the fire buy not giving yourself any credit when you succeed at things, no matter how small, any progress is good, try to think the best not the worst, try to think nice thoughts to block out the bad ones, anything to help lift your spirits, it's not easy but the only way to get the better of this thing is to not give up, try to relax as much as possible buy reading, listening to music, a nice warm bath etc, whatever is your choice of ways to help relax, you will get better it takes time and persistence, best wishes.


claire, you are getting out which I cannot always do, and doing it despite feeling anxious, that is a huge leap forward.

Your mind is uncertain and is running on looking for pitfalls, but you are still going out. you are moving on .

It is natural for anyone to feel anxiety and dread, that is how humans have survived, it's just that when we have anxiety and/or depression these feelings seem stronger.

It's a recognised condition sufferred by many.

Are you on meds? they do help. it's a chemical imbalance and the meds help towards rebalance.

It does leave scars sometimes such as low self-esteem and it's therapies such as CBT and counselling that help with those.

My gp asked if I had diabetes would I take insulin? Yes, then that's also a chemical imbalance. so why not take anti-depressants? I'm thankful I took his advice. I'm not cured but I'm doing better!

the mind is very clever and if you are feeling anxious it will come up with a reason as to why. - these reasons are not necessarily real reasons for who you are now, they could have been previously true but you might have moved on, that's why they are sometimes called irrational. I am proud of you and how far you have come - just look at what you can do that I cannot. If you weren't anxious I'd be worried. It's all a matter of baby steps and finding your way back to you.



I have no medical training, just here to learn and share.



Thankyou for reassuring me.I have tried all sorts of anti depressants but i couldnt handle taking them with the side effects on top of being sensitised.I am awaiting nhs therapy been told it should be within 6 weeks ive got to have home therapy to start with as im unable to travel at the mo.Im absolutely petrified as im not used to having people around me only my dad and the thought of whether im going to like her and is she going to be able to help me but i know it will help with my thoughts so ive got to put myself through it.I know its all gotta come from me and my brain needs retraining.Thanks guys its good to know im not alone.

Best Wishes

claire x


Hi, I can identify so much with feeling that irrational thoughts are going round and round in my head, and that despite knowing they are unrealistic they still keep on going around. I usually find anxiety occurs in relation to fear although I don't know what on earth I'm frightened of because the fear too is completely irrational. It sounds like you are feeling bored and understimulated and feel like your life is going nowhere. In your fantasies where would you like it to be going? You might try writing what you would really like your life to be like. When I did that it was helpful as it enabled me to acknowledge what I really wanted from life and to begin to think what I needed to do in order to get that kind of life. For me it was therapy, divorce and entering education for the first time since I was a child, for you it might be learning to dance. Who knows! Writing dreams and wishes down on paper helps make us look at them, really see them and then think about them. Good luck.x


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