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Up and downs!

Hello everyone :)

Last week had ups and downs but then doesn't everyone's even if they don't have anxiety so that is normal then!

Made it out a few times to the shops and to my mums on Tuesday. It was quite hard to go to my mums but i managed to stay a little while and then that gave me a boost.

Had a fab day on Friday. Had to go docs and was working myself up because of what happened last week but have been practising my visualisations and it went okay. Managed to sit and wait quite comfortably and despite a few tears of relief that i had made it when i got in his room, it was a success.

That spurred me on to drive 12 miles or so to pick up my cuckoo clock from the menders, something i was planning to do with my other half the next day. Coped well with the drive and having to go to a local cashpoint and the people in the clock shop. That then spurred me on to stop at my mums on the way homes where i was absolutely fine and then home!

That afternoon i had some therapy with a local lady. Was quite comfortable there too as had desensitised myself by this time i think. Not sure it did much good though, especially as she didn't really understand panic attacks nor how doing something simple like walking along a street could cause me to feel panic.

Today i felt a bit odd when i came down from bed, some noises seem to be really making me feel odd, can't explain it! Anyway, the rain put paid to doing much so we got a jigsaw out and spent hours trying to work that out!

Tight chested today and yesterday and i'm not convinced it is the anxiety. I suppose we will see if it goes when i get better.

Hope you have all had a calm weekend :)

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Hi daisy459. What achievements! You probably do not realise it but all you say in your blog leads me to believe you are making great progress. (Athough it may not seem so to you). You are right, everyone even so called "normal" people have ups and downs, but ours are always exagerated because of our condition and we fasten on to them and get fearful of them. It is not use use talking to those who have not been there, as you appear to have discovered. Keep up the good work. It sounds to me as if you really are making progress. Best wishes. jonathan.


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