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cant sleep again

here i am again 1 oclock still awake dont wont to take tablets at the moment i fill like ive got the shivers i might be getting a cold but my brain is telling me theres something really bad wrong with me then that makes it harder to sleep and the tablet is sitting on the side waiting 4 me to take it i really dont wont to but i really wont to go to sleep some times its so hard

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Hi Scooby

Did u go back to sleep without tablets??


Hey, I hope you got to sleep... sleep is very important to recovery.

Do you not want to become reliant on the tablets? My own personal experience is you will not because once you're feeling better, sleep becomes easier.

Good luck, if you're not working this weekend I hope you can relax a little.


Hi scooby07. Why are you afraid to take tablets? Ladygray is right. As soon as you start feeling better you will no longer need them. Most sleeping pills are not addictive, unlike the Diazipams. I have said before on blogs; if you had broken your leg you would not hesitate to use crutches for a while but when you could walk without them you would throw them away. I regard medication in the same way. They are a great help in times of stress and give you time to calm down and think more clearly. As you get better, and you will, you will not need them.

You are right; the more you worry about not sleeping then the viscious circle begins. You cannot sleep because you are worried about not sleeping. These are hard times for you but you would be amazed at the number of people who are going through the same experience. Take heart. You will recover, but it does take time. Good luck. Jonathan.


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