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Petrified! (EMETOPHOBIA)

So the main thing causing my anxiety is a severe phobia of sickness (vomiting). Today I am petrified, I feel like I'm in a nightmare that I can't wake up from and it's because someone was sick in my student house last night. I woke up at 3am to the sound of it. I don't know who it was, so I can't specifically avoid anyone. They will have touched food and surfaces and the toilet and the shower. Again, all of these things I can't avoid. The only thing I can think of to help someone understand how this feels is by saying - imagine you know you're going to die in a week and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Getting sick is on par with that for me.

My boyfriend doesn't believe anyone was sick but he was asleep at the time. Truthfully, the noises I heard sounded like coughing noises but it was the toilet flushing right afterwards that convinced me. Our brains can be totally irrational at that time of night so I really hope that I was just having a realistic nightmare and none of it actually happened but I don't get on with my housemates so I can't even know for sure because I can't ask them if anyone was ill.

I'm so scared. I can't go in the shower or the toilet or the kitchen but I'm scared to leave my house too in case I come down with the sickness whilst I'm out and I'm scared of being sick in front of other people too but also just being sick and then having to spend a long time travelling back home to bed.

Help :(

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Im scared of being sick too and getting ill as i dont recover very quickly. i know how scary it can be but you have to give yourself a good talking to, you dont know for sure if anyone was sick. if it helps open all the windows and let the germs out, dettol the areas. put some music on while you do it to concentrate on and if all else fails then download something from, i have a panic attack eliminator that helps. let me know how you get on. be strong. xxxxxx


I understand how difficult this is for you. You can find out more about this here:

There are comments at the bottom of the page from others who are struggling similarly to you. As long as you take care of yourself it is unlikely you will be sick. If it helps you, make a note of where the nearest toilets are when you are out of your house, this may help you to relax somewhat.


yes i have this all of the time up to a point that i only eat bread and marge now

no veges no spuds no beans

even painkillers are making me feel sick

bananas are ok tea is ok and water

but i do feel trapped because im constantly monitoring my stomach feelings

so when i feel ok i am extatic and over whelmed that im not going to throw up

but when you know what starts to feel that feeling again i start gordging on extra stong mints which if im luck stabilizis the i do feel for you

hope you find that good feeling soon




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