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what to do? I need your advice

hi. I suffer from anxiety/depression but my gp offered me a stress coping course or something like that. I would sit 2hrs a week with other people and listen. unfortunately it is at 10am when Im at work and I dont want to talk with my headteacher about it because I am sure that ny leader would find out as well and I dont want her to know because she doesnt like me and she is very reservedand not understanding. I also sholudnt loose my hrs at work because I have difficult financial situation. dont know what to do.. anyway I dont thin it is sttess I suffer from.. help please!

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It sounds as if it might be a good idea for you, but ask your GP whether it would benefit someone with your anxiety and depression. Tell him that you need to be sure before you inform your head teacher. I am assuming you are a teaching assistant or similar?

Secondly, you have a right to have medical treatment and you do not have to reveal what it is unless you would like to, but it would probably help to confide in the head teacher and ask that it doesn't go any further.

If you want to give this therapy a try (and therapy is rare so I'd seriously consider going for it!) you need to find out WHEN it's likely to start. Then make an appointment to see your headteacher and tell her that what you are telling her is in strict confidence and. There is NO SHAME in suffering from anxiety and depression. You could tell her that your GP has suggested that therapy would help your anxiety and depression and that it's for 2 hours a week and you would like to give it a try because you are feeling so unwell. If necessary you can ask your GP to provide a back-up letter.

I am also wondering whether you are a member of a union. They would support you in this - and you can ask them for advice. In fact it might help to seek out your NUT rep (even if you aren't a teacher) and ask for an appointment to ask for advice about what your rights are re medical treatment, but I am certain that they are obliged to give you time for this.

To sum up, discuss it again with your GP and tell them you are worried about telling your head teacher and ask if necessary would he write a back-up letter. Then go and see your head, tell them about it and ask that he/she treats what you say in confidence and that it doesn't go outside the room. All the head needs to tell the team leader is that you are having medical treatment or will be away for x hours per week. If you had a physical problem, you'd probably not be worrying about it, but this is just as important. Good luck!


If you need flexible appointment times you could try IAPT on the NHS, some of these offer flexible appointment times. Not available everywhere but you can search at

Some are self-referral so no need to go back to your GP.

Also you could try calling Anxiety UK on 08444 775 774 (office hours), or contact them via email, anytime for free. they have suport groups in some areas and also provide therapy at times to suit (for members)

Let us know how you get on.



thank you very much both of you. you convinced me, I have to go for it. I start the stress coping course this Friday. keep your fingers crossed and thank you again for the support! take care x


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