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Newbie oldie !

Hi, just found this site the other day at about 4am in the morning during an anxiety/panic attack. Get them on and off and think I'm going to go mad when there at their worst. I dont enjoy good health having spinal problems causing lots of pain and lack of sleep also suffer from Fibromyalgia.

As a result I get low, worry about illness, dying and getting old and so it triggers these panick attacks. Have had cognitive therapy which helps some of the time but sometimes I just tip over the edge and go into that downward spial again.

I have had probs with depression on and off nearly all my life and am a stressful type.

Always had problem with ageing even in my younger days, now 66 but inside think and feel like a much younger person.

Sad old bugger eh !


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Hey Stuart! You sound like I feel ! Glad you found this site , it's fab. I have never found anywhere you can literally speak about your problems and get good sensible answers. I think I have found out more in the last few weeks than I have in the last 34 years of panicking and anxiety. I have scoliosis which gives me grief and a lot of pain. Welcome to the site and No you are not a sad old bugger! you have a sense of humour xxx


Thanks for your reply Ellabella, it's some comfort to know there are others who understand what I feel and go through. You tend to feel as if your the only one with this problem. I have a lovely family, a loving and loyal wife and a good life really but it's spoilt by this bloody twisted thinking pattern that I have developed over a very long period and it feels like a curse. I often feel very ashamed that I am the way I am when there are so many people with huge problems in their lives.



Hope you find this site helpful Stuart. Of course having an additional illness to top things off doesn't help, does it? Not sure if you know this, but there is also a HealthUnlocked site for Fibromyalgia:

All the best to you,



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