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I don't normally eat Macdonalds but was out with my wife and we needed something quick to eat so shot into one.

I had a Big Mac and Coke.

I was feeling fine and not particularly anxious.

Half an hour after eating I was feeling terribly anxious and nervous - almost trembling.

I drink a tin of Coke off and on and that doesn't normally bother me but the combination of Macdonalds and Coke really set me off. I'm presuming the burger has something in it which combined with the caffeine in the Coke set my anxiety off big time.

Now, a couple of hours later I feel pretty calm again so it must've been the meal.

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HI i like you dont eat junk food but now i think after reading this i will never be tempted to thanks for the info glad to hear you are feeling better now


Hi Bramwell I am old enough to remember when Macdonalds first came to uk! there were all sorts of rumors about what they were made of so I have never had one! I'm sure they were not true but it just put me off. As for coke never been a fan...but I have seen the effect these foods and drink has had on my Grandchildren!!!. My daughter sometimes takes them in and they have what you had. Then they come to visit me ( well did, till I banned it lol ) I could not believe that these sweet kids turned into monsters! My home looked as though it had been burgled! I could go on......She doesn't take them anymore, poor souls ended up always getting sent to bed after . Glad you are feeling better x


Thanks for the replies.

I actually didn't feel 'normal' until late in the evening after I'd eaten a proper healthy meal.

I kept getting waves of anxiety.


..not sure whether it's going to help, but I have a younger sister who has just discovered she has an intolerance to gluten. Apparently, if you are sensitive to it, it can make you feel very odd indeed, so it might be worth getting your self tested if this keeps on happening? Could be enough just to heighten the buzzzyyy effect of the caffeine in the Coke..

But as a general rule, it's best to give junk food of this kind a miss if you can, it's good neither for you, nor our poor little over-crowded planet.. just a thought..



Thanks for the info although I'm pretty sure I'm fine with gluten as I'm now 55 and have always enjoyed a nice slice of wholemeal bread or the odd cake or biscuit without any problems. I also eat oat biscuits for lunch most days if not a sandwich without any problems.

It's the caffeine which is my problem.

I don't drink tea or coffee (the last time I had a cup of coffee - which I had to drink out of politeness - I went potty shaking, peeing every five minutes, anxious etc - that would be at least 20 years ago now) so the Coke obviously had a big effect combined with whatever was in the Big Mac. And it was on an empty stomach so nothing to soak it up.


:( don't take away my mcdonalds......


LOL Hollow! xx


Incidentally I too am old enough to remember Macdonalds arriving in the UK.

We travelled to Charring Cross/The Strand just after the first one opened to sample this new American delight. I thought it quite tasty but not as nice as Wimpy. That would be 1977/8 I guess.


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