Constipation on taking Lustrol (Sertraline)

I know this is not a subject that immediately appeals but has anyone suffered in this way and what can one do about it? Does it go in time? (Have been taking Sertaline for a couple of weeks). I have always had this problem in normal times but it is worse with the tablets. Do not want to pester the Doctor with this but may have to.


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  • Poor if life isn't hard enough to cope with. You have my sympathy. I have always suffered as well and it can determine what sort of day I have!!. I have never taken Sertaline so can't comment. Does it mention anything on side effects , having said that I think side effects cover pretty much everything lol!. I hope you get some answers soon x

  • Hi Ellabella. Thanks for the comment. Yes it does affect one's day. As to side effects it does mention this in the blurb; among about fifty other possible effects! They also say on no account stop taking the tablets. Ah well, have to put up with it until I find a solution. Many thanks again. Jonathan.

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