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how to get out more on my own?

i find it so hard going out alone, i have made a few possitive moves in the recent past like walking the dog around the block but havnt done it in a few months due to some major set backs. i would really like to be able to go to the local charity shop and volunteer like i used to a few years ago but i just cant seem to do so scared! i cant seem to brake this awful lifestyle. it would be great to hear any fellow suffers and anyone who has made it through this. thanks for listening. x

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Hi Sam. It is a hard struggle trying to get yourself together and it feeling as though it is a never ending scenario. it is all about oneself and how we perceive things and react to them. Im certain there is no cure for this as im a long sufferer now but there is a way forward and its all about changing how you feel and see things, how you deal with things. There is no time limit on this as there are people who manage this easily and others not so easily and it does take its time.

I know this may sound silly but have you tried Yoga or meditation, now both these are very stimulating and do help us to breathe more effectively and focus better. Its worth a try. I have done both and they helped, infact i have tried all sorts and i do still suffer very badly but i push myself so hard until i know i have to get up and do something so to speak.

This may not have been very promising for you and my apologies if not but i just thought there could be something in it that would jog your memory into thinking if you have done anything in the past that you enjoyed which was calming and stimulating for yourself.

Everyone on here will have done something and im sure you will get some good responses but i thought as i had just popped on i would leave you a message. Good luck hun and best wishes. x


Hi Sam one of my greatest obstacles is not being in control of the situation, this was severely put to the test when I had an accident 18 mnths ago and handing over that control in the initial stages failed spectacularly. This turned my world upside down and reinforced the belief that it is up to me to control my destiny what has started my anxiety to subside is accepting that I don't, for example I was riding my bike a couple of weeks ago, when the pains in my chest kicked in I had the option of a short route home and back to 'safety' so I chose to go on and took a longer route I originally had no plans in taking I figured if something bad was going to happen it would happen if I was at home anyway so what did it matter. It was hard don't get me wrong but it passed and I felt better for it. I believe we have to make ourselves feel 'ill' before we get better. I have hated going out of the front door prob 90% if not more of the last 18 mnths but I do it as I don't like the alternative..... a life that is not me! I still feel a long way away from 'ME' but taking those walks, getting on that bus, train, cycling around the block, saying 'yes I will' instead of 'no I can't' has got me to where I am now, not quite where I want to be but getting there. And yes there have been setbacks along the way and I expect there will be many more to come but we have to keep believing. Here to listen/share...


I like your advice this is how I'm dealing with it go to the point where you feel uncomfortable and take one step more then another as you've said you do have setbacks but don't stop trying wish you both well and good luck


Hi Sam

I would suggest

1)close your eyes and go,like when people do bungee-jumping. sometimes I have to do this otherwise,when I go to catch the train I don t want to get on so i close my eyes and i just get on!!

2)I would go by little steps :walk till u can ,even few steps,thats fine,come back if ur scared,that s understandable ,and keep trying everyday to go a bit further away..see how it goes..Cbt would be very helpfull in this case ;-) xxx


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