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Hi All

I have to say I bought a book last week and I read it in 2 days !! (288 pages) Bearing in mind I am not actually fond of reading. I am unsure if I am allowed to name the book and the author but I am sure some one will let me know :) To me this is the best piece of research I have done since my first panic attack way back in 2006. I have been 'good' since reading it and I wanted to share the experience with you. It reveals how to understand why we are anxious and is so full of helpful and doable tips and actions. It has made me look again at what is going on in my head. Oh and it made me smile Tx

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Hi, I would love to read that book but I'm experiencing difficulties with reading at the moment.

I used to read a lot but have recently found that I just can't concentrate for more than a couple of pages. Also I am so twitchy and nervous that I can't keep still for long. Even if I manage to control that for a while, I don't have the patience anyway. It's a bit worrying as reading was one of the few things left I could enjoy. (Sorry this is a bit off subject) x


I would like to no the name of the book thanks!!!!


The book is Evolving Confidence by Terry Dixon Here is a usefull link I cant tell you how brillilant it is without sounding like I am advertising it. I just wanted to share something good and useful This guy is so interesting and its not medical jargon it is laymans language and it gave me a kick start which I think I may just have needed Good luck and take care Tx


Hi trez. Of course you can name a book. This is a site where we communicate with each other to give help. How else are we to do it when we come upon a book or CD that helps? Concentration when we are in an anxiety state is hard. This is why so many people have to have time off work. If you can only read a few lines then do just that, but do not try and force yourself. Go along at your own pace and do not feel bad about it. As with everything else in anxiety it is important that you do things at a pace you can manage. If it seems slow then so what! It WILL come right but it takes time, and patience is not a virtue that many of us have with anxiety! If any book can make you smile then it must be good. Good luck. jonathan.


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