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Feeling odd

Hello im ending the second week of my new tabs and although im feeling a little better I feel odd I'm so used to shakes and shivers trembling etc Know they seem to be a little better i presume less anxious it feels odd to feel nothing I'm not complaining But iam just. Waiting for something to happen faint or something its,like I'm walking on egg shells just waiting helpx

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i have that just cant relax, im waiting for the anxiety to start. as soon as i wake in the morning, all my body tenses up, my shoulders go up to my ears, my teeth clamp together & my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth. so your not alone with these feelings. ive just started to try reconising my body & trying to relax more. its slow going though after so long living with my body tensed up all the time. hope this as helped & reassured you a


My body has been so wound up for so long now that I start feeling odd when it does start relaxing. I guess if you allow it, over time it will become the norm again. It's just the anxiety playing tricks as usual it's as though it doesn't want us to relax and be happy.


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