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nobody understands

nobody understands i suffer with emataphobia (vommitting phobia) it controls every aspect of my life. I feel i am a bad mum as i freak out if they are sick and i fear that my children will suffer with the same, I JUST WANT TO BE NORMAL and be able to live my life. i have only spoken to a couple of close family about this but i feel very embarassed about it and i feel they dont understand.

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Talk first to your Doctor, there is all sorts of help out there and Your Doctor will be the best to get you started if nothing else, and remember, being ill is NOT being a bad Mum! a lot of People can't understand or shy away from illnesses which come from within, I think it is because they daren't think about it happening to them, anyone can be ill, don't be ashamed in any way whatsoever but go to those who will be able to start you on the right path.

Many People have Phobias which don't make sense to those who don't have them or understand them, you are as normal as the shining Sun! and first of all learn that being a Mum is the very BEST thing on this Planet and you have managed that!

Best of luck to you and your Family.


hi thankyou for you kind words its a comfort to know there are others out there suffering the same as i am. i have been to my doctor and they put me into councelling, after only one session they wanted to show me pictures and video clips which terrified me so i didnt go back.


Hi phobia 123 yes I suffer I have answered in questions x meadow


Hiya, im sorry your having a bad time at the moment, if you can try counselling again it may help, it doesnt matter that you didnt go back last time, it takes as long as it takes. Your not a bad mum you have a phobia its nothing to be ashamed off. I hope you get some help with this, I wish you lots of luck xxxx


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