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would like to make a anxiety friend in the kent /london area

on a waiting list for cbt i have general anxiety disorder worst my doctor has seen but today i felt i made a little progress when being told honest answers and explaniations to my health questions i put to the doctor today. Now im looking forward to seeing my son next weekend when he comes down to see me for a week then im looking forward to going back up north for a week with him and see my family so somthing to stay positive about .

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I'm from Kent and suffer from general anxiety and health anxiety. I would be happy to chat if you ever need someone to talk to. Where in Kent do you live?



Hi Andy, I'm from Kent/South London. Happy to help out with a chat mate. CBT can be very beneficial so it's well worth a try. Personally I see it as common sense, but where your "in the zone" and stressed out, common sense is not always easy to come by.

The list is a good idea, write it all down. How you feel, what you think you can do about the situations you're in. Then sit back and look at it, focusing the mind is a good thing. Look at that list tomorrow and it might seem a trivial problem that can be addressed.

The most important thing is that you're talking to the Doc and seeking help, that's a huge hurdle out of the way mate.



Hello Andy. Im not in the London area i am in Manchester but if you ever need to talk about your fears, your anxiety or your feeling of being unable to cope then i would be happy to listen and support you. I have suffered with panic attacks/disorder for 29yrs and i still suffer today, even as i write this i feel a worldwind of unctrolable feelings of breathlessness, but this has been going on for days now. However i can still come here and speak of experiences and support if you should need it. May i ask how old your son is ? Is there anyone else within your family who know about your condition. Good luck and have fun with your son.


PS writing down how you feel is a very big step hun, the more you write the better you will feel. One day you will look back and wonder why you felt so bad about how you feel, if that makes sense. Sometimes the easiest of things never make sense to us when we are suffering with such horrible uncomfortable fears of this illness. WE LEARN TO COPE AND GET THROUGH.


hi andy have suffered allmy life doc put me on sertraline wish i never came off cipralex vallium is o theynly thing that works doc wont give me any propably they woek brian


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