Going out today with my son and niece, nephew and Mum. I should be feeling happy and stuff but I feel so uncomfortable. Everything piece of clothing I have tried on today I look so fat in them, and it's just tshirts and jeans. I have put on alot of weight, mostly after I gave up smoking, but that was five years ago!

I feel so ugly and fat I don't want to go out now, and I'm getting a headache as well to top it all off. :(


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  • Hi bleeding heart just for today go out and look around at all the different people age/height /weight/colour everyone is so different I know this wont help in the long term but except you may have put some weight on but for today go out with the people that really care and remember you are unique and loved don't worry about any one else go and buy some new clothes and have a fab day be thinking of you let me know how it went take care xxxx

  • Wise words, Meadow. I recognise how you are feeling, bleedingheart, but I also know that you are more than your perceived 'fat' - you feel this way because of depression or anxiety and that prevents you from being compassionate to yourself and loving yourself unconditionally. If your son said those words to you, what would you say to him? I'd bet you'd give him a hug, tell him that what he looks like doesn't matter to you, that you love him whatever size he is, that he is doing the best that he can but if he would like some support with losing weight then you can sit down together and work out a plan of action. Am I right? Well, that is called compassion and love - and you owe that as much to yourself as to anyone else. Think about it - tell yourself that you are doing the best you can for the moment but are going through a rough time. Tell yourself that you are going to be your own best friend, that you did really well giving up smoking which was a terrific achievement, and that you will help yourself by working out what steps you can take to start to eat more healthily and lose a little weight. But for the moment, remind yourself that your family love you for YOU and want you to be there and that is the most important thing. I hope you have a lovely day!

  • hedgecrone you have said it all x what wise words x

  • well said hedgecrone. hi bleeding heart i bet your not as big as you think, & what does it matter anyway, your family dont think so, they`re not ashamed to be seen out with so doesnt matter what anyone else might be thinking. they`ve probably got their own problems.go enjoy your day with your family.xxx

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  • couldn't find this website when I typed it in ?

  • thank you for your kind replies. luckily there weren't many people about where we went to, so I didn't feel too self conscious. I try and concentrate all my attention on my boy when I go out that way I can kind of ignore what's going on around me. He is my crutch when I go out.

  • you have lost your confidence. and a low self esteem have you taken meds. try and find a way off getting these back and dont forget you wont always feel this way.

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