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These are the hardest things to cope with I find when trying to get over Anxiety and Depression. After several months without a Panic Attack I had one at the weekend, although my reaction to it this time was 'I know what this is' and it went away quite soon I still felt deflated.

This continued into the following days when my Anxiety crept back in really badly. This got even worse when my second session with my Therapist yesterday left me really disheartend. After a really positive first session this time she just gave me some leaflets, told me to look at some internet sites, and said to do things I have already been doing for months. It's taken me a couple of days to even be able to come and type this blog post.

I am the type of person that likes to see linear progress in life and this fight is anything but that at times....

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Not easy it. I've more or less given up on thinking about good days not in a negative way if that makes sense, I mean I try not to put too much emphasis on them so that when the setbacks happen they don't hit as hard. That probably flies in the face of every bit of advice out there but I'm my lowest when I allow myself to believe I'm getting better (quietly I believe I am) than out of the blue an attack hits! On the positive several months without having a panic attack sounds good, keep it up and don't let the fxxxxr win.


you both sound strong despite setbacks... keep going and be kind to yourselves cos noone knows you like you xx


Thank you Lotty. How are you today?


not too bad thank you.. I haven't resorted to any diazapam today. Not been very busy must motivate tomorrow ! How are you ?


That's good right? :) I'm okay today, felt awful in work around lunchtime (always around lunchtime) I wanted to get up and go home but I stuck with it and actually stayed later than necessary.


Hi Paul

At the beginning it s always hard .things not alway progress like we would like to.leaflets,websites,books are just infos that we ll give u an idea of the seems that are not really helping us but this is just the s like a the beginning we don t quite understand but after a while we will start having the full picture and have a grip on the problem.give yourself time cause anxiety is a long patient and kind to yourself.a magic wand to solve our problem doesn't t exist yet!lol!when I first started therapy I found it really frustrating I couldn't t connect all the info/tips that that I was given and sometimes I still have some fears or panick attack .but after a while I can t tell u I have a better picture and managing anxiety is a little bit easier.i m now less frustrated.i accept my issues,it s hard work,some days are better then s a long journey through little steps.but we will do wishes


Hi Paul,

Don't give up. I think it's a really positive thing that you acknowledged the anxiety attack the second time and that's the right way to go. Don't let yourself rely on the therapist. It sounds like you have some really strong moments. Use those to go about your day and push anxiety to the back of your mind. Even on those days when you do feel a bit rubbish, acknowledge the feelings like you did before and carry on and I'm positive you can beat the anxiety :) Only you can make the progress that you want to see.



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