The side effects were right

It certainly does get worse before it gets better, the idea to hurt myself or worse has come into my head more than once recently. I cant cope. I need my friends but they dont want to know me, they dont care. I try and try but get nothing back.

I went shopping yesterday and today, spent way too much money and in all fairness I couldn't care less. I know I have other more important things but in my head I dont care at all!

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Hi Cloefer,

Usually get worse before getting better and there s a difference between thinking or planning to hurt yourself.i think about it as well sometimes,somedays even more then once.but I don t do it cause there s a solution for most of our problems but it takes time before it get better,u are not alone!.are u having any counselling or speak to your doctor about will make you feel better...hope u ll get better soon..think positive.hugs


Hi, Thank you for replying, I really wish the getting worse wouldn't be this bad. I keep fighting the urge to hurt myself it just takes up so much energy. My doctor mentioned counselling I just dont know if he can refer me to a different one than the one I used last time. Last time I hated the woman and couldnt trust her at all.



It s your right to change counsellor if u are not happy with the previous one,don t worry and go for it.;-)


HI, it sounds like you need to have a good chat with someone and get the support you need. i can totally relate to the spending, when im low i spend too much and leave myself with very little but just dont seem to care cos life seems crap and i just think f##k it. x


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