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Social networking makes my anxiety worse!

I've recently deleted my facebook account because I feel it is contributing to my feeling of panic and worry. It's more social anxiety so when I see horrible photos of people going out clubbing and distressing statuses of things people get up to as well as cyberbullying. I can't stand it anymore! Anyone else with a facebook had to resort to doing this?

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I have deleted my facebook account twice over the last few years. I know what you mean about the photo's, it depressed me to see people on holiday or out on the town because i couldn't do those things and i felt like a failure. I only use facebook now to keep in contact with very close friends and far flung family. I hope your ok, i think technology and social networking can make life more stressful for anxiety sufferers!


I have deleted mine twice as well. I now use it to keep in touch with a few people and have only people on it

who i actually know and some family, about 30 people. I have a very long list of blocked people which says something!! mainly because i just feel the way you have described, and I use it mainly for groups to do with positive mental health support like this one.


Ive deleted my facebook too, i am constantly worried about what people think of me,and i fealt that anyone who was actually bothered about me,and my well being would either contact me by visiting me,texting me,ringing or even through my husbands facebook!.....i tell you what ive realised who my real friends And family really are whilst ive been like this!!


I can understand why you've deleted facebook. It can cause a lot of hassle. I've been v. close to deleting facebook. Its caused me a lot of anxiety.

I got really addicted at one point, kept updating my statuses, each day. It got pretty ridiculous. I hated myself for it. Ironically I didn't enjoy being on there - it was like some kind of force pulling me on there, it caused me to lack sleep. I wanted to be free of it. I also worried about how I come across to friends of friends, etc on there- it annoyed me to see people's statuses etc and it looked like they were having more fun than me.

But I've found the best way of coping is just having a few friends on there. I have about 50 now, its slowly crepted up, but I'm still very selective about who I accept. I have also changed the settings so that my profile is private, only friends can see it. I think its nice that can keep in contact with my family and close friends on there. I think the internet is a good thing in moderation - especially groups like this where people can support eachother. But if I get to the stage I was a few months ago, then I probs would delete it.



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