I have joined Anxiety UK today

I have joined Anxiety UK today

I have been feeling terrible, but today I had some motivation to try and find something that could help me, and found this website.

I have a generalised anxiety and social anxiety, and low self esteem. I don't seem to be able to ask for the right sort of help and my gp can only give me medication. I have tried a depression and anxiety CBT group but unfortunately could not cope with the journey there.

I am lonely and desperately would like to feel well enough to work again.


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  • hello :) welcome to this site, there is always someone in here to answer a question :) please feel free to drop any question you want. it might be helpful to go through the Questions and blogs in here, loads of imformation and people u can relate to

    everyone is nice here and ready to help :)

  • Hiya..... you re not alone with how you feel.... I hve suffered from GAD for about 9 years now nd have ups nd downs but joining this site has been a great help as I realise that I am not alone and have struck up some great friendships. I know what its like to not be able to leave the house, go places or work I really do but I found the only way to my recovery was to make small goals each day and try to acheive them..... I can remember it taking me all day one day to go out the house to put the rubbish out.... but I got there in the end..... silly to anyone who has never suffered but I found taking small steps to recovery nd forcing yourself to do it..... Im more than happy to lend a listening ear if you need to chat - Sar x

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