health anxiety

Dont know where to turn, feel so poorly with health anxiety, like a constant hangover, feel sick, sweat and get so cold, been to doc 3 times in 2 weeks, had blood tests nothing found, having loo probs to which got to see specialist, i sleep ok but when i get up in a morning i want more sleep never feel refreshed, bit tearfull, any comments most appreciated

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  • hi kev i feel exhausted all the time no energy are you on any meds

  • I've had HA off and on for 20 years and sometimes when I'm really bad I feel drained and exhausted by the stress of it all.

  • yes on sertraline 50mg

  • today been out for few hours, im hot, im cold i fell really sick got headache i give up

  • I to have Health Anxiety it is really horrible i have so many physical symptoms feel so fatigued do not sleep well at all appetite not good,sweat so much i even can taste salt at times. I have had full bloods taken all came back normal i should feel relieved but cant covince myself and still think there must be something else wrong with me. I dont feel i want to go out much would rather stay at home. I have got a very good supportive partner for which i am truly thankful.

  • hi kev i know how u feel u aint the any one i dont feel well at all i feel sick palpatations plus eyes feel swore and feel got no motivtion to do anythink i know it aint nice and u feel alone message me back if u wanna chat x

  • i feel like i am permanantly hungover and having a period. the symptoms have knocked me for six, it seems to take me forever to get anything done which just frustrates me.

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