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I have had a couple of panic attacks recently but mostly at night and have not really slept well for the last three weeks. I bought some Natrasleep last week which have really helped me sleep. However, over the weekend I felt terrible and went to see my doctor yesterday to make sure it is not anything else. He has said that I may be diabetic or it could be anxiety exhaustion possibly brought on by too much exercise. He advised me to have a blood test and carry on with the herbal tablets if they are helping, Does anyone know if I can still take the herbal tablets the night before or will they affect the test? I forgot to ask him.

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Hi Rabbit28,

I take Kalms for anxiety and imagine ingredients are not to disimilar to Natrasleep. I have another condition which requires me to have blood tests every 3 months and have had no problems yet. If you are in doubt maybe just mention this when go for the blood test. Hope this helps!


hi rabbit seashell is right just tell the nurse when she does your bloods she will write it on the form that goes to path lab so they know x


I take Kalms at night as well, no issues with blood tests or anything, just inform the nurse/GP.


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