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Mirtazapine and appetite

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I am on mirtazapine 30 mg now, I take it before sleep, otherwise I can't sleep.I noticed that I feel hungry all the time and my appetite is increased. I thought I got diabetes but my blood sugar levels are normal.

Does mirtazapine increase appetite thaat much ?

7 Replies
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hi yes it does indeed make you put on weight my tip to new takers of mirtazapine is change your diet before you start taking them.

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veryanxious84 in reply to kenster1

I had some weight loss before I took it, so now with the increased appetite the weight loss seems to stop and I started to gain some of the lost weight but very slowly. The problem is that I am feeling hungry almost all the time.

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I had mitrazipine as well. In 2 months I’ve gained 8kgs. Yes, all the antidepresants medicine increases your appetite, because it stimulates the “happy hormones” which also includes the appetite. And I know how hard it is, you can’t stop eating, because is not you, is the medicine. After those 2 months of mitrazipine I’ve gained 8 kg’s in 2 months and my leg and face would be swollen in the morning, I said I will go back to psychiatrist and I told him, I want solution others then medicines and he sent me to EMDR therapy session which OMG, helped sooo much to process all my traumas and I did also CBT therapy to help me manage and be aware about my emotions and behaviour, and to help the brain I hate exercising but I do long walks with headphones on and listening to what I like, or by purpose I don’t use the car to walk and I’ve started to eat rare the “white poison” (carbs, pasta, breads with white flour, everything what has white flour or white sugar) because it poisons the brain as well, and stopped the coffee because having anxiety our body is already in “fight or flight mode” and drinking coffee levels up more your “fight or flight mode” your anxiety. Your brain doesn’t needs stimulators, your brain needs healthy foods, calm environment, relaxing, massage(I’ve purchased from amazon something to massage me before sleep) you need people to love you and support you. You can think about this second alternative… because all these meds for brain damages the brain, the liver, the body and you gain weight, which is unhealthy. Good luck with your experience, ! You can do anything you put in your mind! 💪🏻

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Mirtazapine is only supposed to be taken at night. I didn't get on with 30mg, so cut down to 15mg but I noticed that i was putting on weight. I then discovered that taken long term, like many of the ssri and snri, they cause osteoporosis, which i already have. I did join a group about Mirt and found it was quite true that "less is more" and so i only took 7.5mg purely for sleep. Did this for a year and then weaned myself off it. Made no difference to feeling depressed or otherwise.

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I am not gaining weight ...merely the weight loss stopped but my appetite is much increased. I am being investigated for the cause if weight loss with high possibility of cancer.I can't sleep from the stress so I have to take mirtazapine 30 mg every night.

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Yes,sadly it does make you put on weight. I have been on it for 5 months now and i cannot stop eating, and that makes me more depressed, but to be fair my anxiety is far less than it was, but has not solved the problem as i still get terrible days of being lethargic and wanting to give up on life,,the other thing is i get terribly thirsty,i drink gallons of water, juices and coffee.

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Oh I can't win, I'm on 45 mg , but I haven't really noticed much change in my weight, as I take a migraine tablet which suppressed my appetite, I've been on mirtrazapine for nearly 11 years, I was on the 30 mg a few years ago but I got used to the " lower" dose and I was struggling to sleep, but I wouldn't be without this medication.

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