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So Thankful

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Hello,I am so happy to have found all you wonderful people willing to share your stories. I found this support searching why I am having all these minty feelings with my body. It started about a year an half ago and has recently gotten worse. Always in mouth n throat. now in nose, eyes, legs when I scratch, in my chest. Of course I thought I was dying,or cancer,or toxicity. Reading the stories on here, I was in tears. So relieved and over welmed with joy. GOD IS GOOD.

I have had anxiety n depression for yrs. I have been in an unhappy marriage for way too long and with age I guess it must be catching up with me. I thought maybe menopause. Because I have felt like I'm going crazy. I have emotions that flip on a dime. Days I only want to cry. No energy a lot. I thought about trying to help again. I have seen 3 therapist in the past. But they didn't help much.even a marriage counselor. Nope he basically told me to leave. But how do I leave when I'm so scared to. What if I don't find a place or have the money. I should say that he is good to me. He helps around the house n does all I want. The problem is.... he has cheated on me so many times. A girl that worked for him. 3 of my friends. 2 of my sisters my niece and my niece's friend. Those are the ones I know about. Who knows if there's more. I know its seems unrealistic. But its the awful truth. I'm not unattractive n i think im a decent person. Idk. Yes Obviously I didn't have good people in my life. Iv cut ties with them all. And it's no wonder I am sick. I have gone over it all a thousand or more times. I just don't know what to do. One minute I think about making it work n the next I'm ready to leave. Like I said I'm so scared. I have said if I won the lottery I wouldn't look back. But we all know how that goes. I'm sorry this is so long. I appreciate anyone's comments, ideas. And Thank you all for helping with my mintiness. That was a huge load off my mind. It's so bizarre. Thank you :) :)

4 Replies
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Hi MintyFace! I'd like to Welcome you to a kind and understanding community.

I was drawn to your post just now because I remember those days of "minty feeling"

throughout my body. It's strange in what anxiety can make as feel physically.

Reading your post and seeing how much you have gone through, I can see therapist

saying "just leave" "Get out of that situation and you'll feel better"

In having been a person like yourself who was fearful of everything besides having to

handle the physical symptoms, that isn't a possible solution most of the time.

Does a Magic Fairy come to rescue us and pay our way after leaving? So many women

stay in a harmful situation because of the fear that leaving will be worse than staying.

I may not be the best person to give you advice because I haven't experienced what you

have. Let me tell you that there are both men and women on this forum who have made

that choice or were forced to who can tell you what to do. What it's like to live without

emotional fear of the situation around you.

Until there is some direction in your life, things will continue the same. As for the answer,

hopefully you will get the support and caring you need in this community. I give you

a lot of respect for taking that first step in reaching out to us. I care :) xx

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MintyFace in reply to Agora1

Hello Agora1 Thank you so much for commenting on my post and your kind words. You are right. I need direction n purpose. I have lost them both. Iv spent so many years in anger. Thank you.

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Agora1 in reply to MintyFace

Just know that you aren't alone. We will be here to help support you

whenever you need a friend. :) xx

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MintyFace in reply to Agora1

Thank You🥰😇

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